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Alumni mentor program

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A partnership between OCU Career Services and Alumni Engagement offices, the OCU Alumni Mentor Program (AMP) is a program designed to cultivate meaningful relationships within the OCU community. Alumni are encouraged to share information about their professional and life experiences to assist and support current OCU students as they navigate their careers, life and what comes next!

Alumni may direct questions to Megan Hornbeek Allen. Students can learn about finding a mentor here.

APPLY: 2023–24 Academic Year

The mentor application for 2023–24 will open later this summer. Complete the Alumni Mentor Interest form TODAY, and we will email you when the application is open. 

Alumni Mentor Interest Form

Are you interested in becoming an alumni mentor, but the timing isn't good this year? Complete the Alumni Mentor Interest form, and we will happily contact you when the next cycle of applications opens.

Mentor Information

As a proud OCU alum, your experiences and continued connections with the campus and community are extremely valuable. Through the OCU Alumni Mentor Program, you will be paired with an OCU student based on mutual interests and professional goals.


  • Make a difference in the professional development of a student
  • Develop new networks with other alumni, staff, and emerging professionals
  • Advise on personal growth, academics, and career topics
  • Coach and provide feedback for increased leadership, teamwork, and creative thinking


  • Possess and use strong interpersonal skills and an amicable personality
  • Be available to meet or communicate with your Mentee a minimum of once a month at scheduled program meetings, as well as setting up a protocol for communicating outside of these meetings
  • Complete bi-annual assessments of the program at the end of the fall semester and then at the completion of the program in March

Frequently Asked Questions

After your application has been received, we will review the Alumni Mentor Program applications to make the best match based upon mutual interests, career paths, and availability. You will receive an email within 4–6 weeks, if not sooner (based on availability) with your Mentee match information. Further instructions will be included in the email.

Students are asked to contact their Mentor at least once a month. The program will include six total in-person monthly meetings on campus, including the opening and closing receptions in September and March, respectively. During the opening, the mentor/mentee matches will be announced, and your first task will be to complete a Mentoring Goals & Communications Protocol agreement collaboratively to set the standards for the yearlong commitment. This will include how and how often you will communicate outside of the formal in-person meetings.

The program is open to all currently enrolled students, but usually, students are ready to have meaningful professional development conversations by the time they reach their sophomore year.

This program is all about making connections and seeking advice from professionals in your field of interest, not about asking for a job or internship. If your Mentee focuses solely on this aspect, please contact Career Services. However, if you see your Mentee as a good fit or can recommend them for an awesome opportunity, please do so!

Unfamiliar emails can sometimes go straight to junk or clutter—please check there first! If you are comfortable, please consider reaching out to them. Students often need a gentle push in the right direction, and making an initial connection with you might be slightly intimidating. If you can get the ball rolling, odds are things will take off! In the rare case that things are not working out, please contact Career Services ASAP for further instructions.

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