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University Support

Oklahoma City University is part of many people’s lives for many reasons. For employees, it’s their daily mission. For those from a church background or alumni who found community in Religious Life, it’s connected to beliefs, roots and relationships.

Giving by employees and to Religious Life are both important to OCU’s vibrancy.

A high faculty and staff giving percentage shows the broader community that we believe in our students’ potential and the university is deserving of our financial investment. It is an invaluable signal to other potential donors.

Meanwhile, OCU has long been affiliated with the United Methodist Church, a church of “Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.” We are committed to an education that honors our United Methodist history and tradition of scholarship and service.

Employee Giving

In 2023, 60% of employees gave back to OCU — a great showing of support. Faculty and staff participation plays a pivotal role in securing grant funding and supporting the university's overall reputation. As you may know, OCU does not receive government support, and tuition does not cover the entire cost to educate a student. Private gifts help make up the difference, and gifts of any size make a meaningful impact.

University-Church Relations

Gifts to University-Church Relations support Religious Life and the Campus Ministry Fund. Highlights of Religious Life at OCU include chapel services on Thursdays, the Wesley Center campus Christian ministry, and a variety of student-run religious organizations.

Thank you for supporting Oklahoma City University! Your gifts open doors and create opportunities for students.

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