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The Honors Difference

Why join the Honors Program?

The University Honors Program faculty is dedicated to teaching students to think and write clearly, to be excited by ideas, and to become independent, creative, self-confident learners. It prepares exceptional students for professional choices in every imaginable sphere of life: arts and sciences, business, media, law, health, the performing arts, education, politics or invent-your-own-career.

Small classes

The Oklahoma City University Honors Program offers students challenging topics, stimulating professors and innovative approaches to learning. The program’s small classes typically involve lively class participation, matching enthusiastic students with faculty known for their excellence in teaching. There are honors sections of required courses such as composition, American history, public speaking, psychology, biology and political science.

In addition, students may choose from a range of topics for the junior-senior seminar. Some examples of these interdisciplinary seminars are:

  • Medicine and Literature
  • Plays and Politics
  • Ethnobotany and Economic Botany
  • Gender Studies
  • American History/American Film
  • The Ethics of Communication
  • The Race to the White House
  • Mystery History
  • Science on the Stage

Individualized learning

In addition to honors sections of traditional courses, honors students are encouraged to earn credit through honors contracts, independent study or experiential learning. These customized learning opportunities are an important way to combine honors learning in general education with the major. The University Honors Program also encourages and supports students who present their research at both regional and national honors conferences.

Rewards of membership

Honors students enjoy personalized advising and scheduling priority, ensuring access to appropriate courses and professors.

Oklahoma City University is an active member of both the Great Plains Honors Conference and the National Collegiate Honors Council. Whether as a student presenter or a participant in the various workshops and sessions, OCU students attending these conferences have a wonderful opportunity to experience a professional meeting and become acquainted with honors students and faculty from across the country. Recent conference sites have included Salt Lake City, New Orleans, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Orlando, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

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