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Transfer Admissions Counselors

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Christopher Kiefer

Assistant Director of Transfer and Military Admissions
Phone: (405) 208-5655 (call or text)
Territory: Transfer students, Duncan nursing, Students with military educational benefits, and RN-BSN students.

I grew up in OKC, and I have worked in admissions at OCU since 2015. What I love about OCU is the role it has played in the life of the city and state, but my favorite part is how much our university community pursues great things while also caring about each other. I am from a military family and from a family with healthcare workers, so it is a great privilege to assist veterans and their families as well as our nursing students. I also enjoy books, museums, and movies and am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Accounting with the OCU Meinders School of Business. Navigating the transfer and VA processes can be complicated, and my goal is to be a resource for you from start to finish!

My Advice: "Be curious, and ask your questions. Think about what you want to study, where you want to learn, who you want to learn from, and what you want your education to do for you after graduation. Then, run all of that by your advisors, professors, financial aid counselor, friends, and family. Don’t be a backseat driver in your education, but don’t miss out or make needless mistakes just because you never asked!"

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Amy McQuade

Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: (405) 208-5063 (call or text)
Territory: Performing Arts Transfer Students

I am in my 15th year at Oklahoma City University and have loved every minute of it! I started my time with OCU as a student in the performing arts, graduating with my Bachelor of Music in 2009 and my Master of Music in 2011. My goal is to make the admissions journey at OCU as engaging and personalized as possible. At OCU, we are all about providing opportunities to foster relationships and creating servant leaders that will go out and change the world. I strive to be the start of building those foundations for my students!

My Advice: "Seek out schools that make you feel thrilled, challenged, and part of something. You will be part of that college community for years, so it is best to find a place that feels like home."

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