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Bachelor of Arts Degree in Esports Management

The B.A. in Esports Management undergraduate degree requires 124 total credit hours for completion. Of those, 46 hours must be courses in the major.

Departmental Requirements

Courses in the major must include:

  • ESS 1303: Health Behavior
  • MCOM 2143: Social Media Content Development
  • MCOM 2203: Principles of Advertising
  • MCOM 2213: Sportswriting and Sportscasting
  • ESS 2303: Introduction to Applied Sport Psychology
  • MCOM 2343: TV Studio Production I
  • ESS 2413: Theory of Coaching
  • MCOM 2443: TV Field Production
  • MCOM 3503: Media Relations and Event Management
  • MCOM 3513: Non-Linear Editing
  • ESS 3313: Legal and Ethical Issues in Exercise and Sport Science
  • MCOM 3813: Strategic Communications Planning
  • MCOM 4303: Promotional Methods and Strategies
  • ESS 4203: Sports Management
  • MCOM 4263: Esports Capstone
  • MCOM 4441: Esports Team Management

Students wishing to study Esports Management along with another degree can either double major or declare a Mass Communications, Social Media, Graphic Design, Film, or Exercise Science minor.


If you score above a 22 on the ACT/1100 SAT with a 3.0 GPA, you may qualify for:

Freshmen Academic Scholarships
Freshmen Departmental Scholarships
Petree College Scholarships
Transfer Scholarships

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