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Degree Requirements: B.S. Psychology

Psychology is a scientific field that studies behavior, social interactions, and the human mind. Psychologists not only seek to understand and explain how people think, act, and feel but they also seek to apply this information to a variety of issues that impact our daily functioning (e.g. mental health, physical health, performance enhancement, work productivity, self-help, motivation).

Our degree requires that students take a total of 50 credit hours (43 hours in psychology plus 7 hours in philosophy). We emphasize the American Psychological Association "scientist/practitioner" model so students are trained to think critically like a scientist but also apply our knowledge to a variety of issues. Our curriculum provides a firm foundation in critical thinking, research methods, statistics, and oral and written communication skills. Our smaller class sizes allow faculty to work more closely with each student as well as integrate more hands-on, interactive experiences in our classes. In addition, our degree ensures that you will graduate having not only depth but breadth when it comes to your background knowledge in psychology.

Required Psychology Courses: 43 Credit Hours

PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology (3 credit hours) *Also counts for Gen Ed social sciences requirement

PSYC 1143 Applications and Careers in Psychology (3 credit hours)

PSYC 2303 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (3 credit hours)*Also counts for Gen Ed math requirement

PSYC 2301 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences Lab (1 credit hour)

PSYC 2813 Psychology of Personality (3 credit hours)

PSYC 3113: Cognitive Processes (3 credit hours)

PSYC 3203 Abnormal Psychology (3 credit hours)

PSYC 3403 Social Psychology (3 credit hours)

PSYC 2413 Research Methods and Analysis (3 credit hours)

PSYC 2401 Research Methods and Analysis Lab (1 credit hour)

PSYC 3513 Introduction to Learning (3 credit hours)

PSYC 3511: Introduction to Learning Lab (1 credit hour)

PSYC 4102 Junior/Senior Research Seminar I (2 credit hours)

PSYC 4202 Junior/Senior Research Seminar II (2 credit hours)

PSYC 4213 Systems and Theories in Psychology (3 credit hours)

PSYC 4443 Advanced Statistical Applications (3 credit hours)

PSYC 4983 Psychological Internships (3 credit hours)

Required Courses in Philosophy: 7 Credit Hours

PHIL 2713 Critical Thinking (3 credit hours)

PHIL 3114 History of Philosophy I (4 credit hours) or PHIL 3214 History of Philosophy II (4 credit hours)

Elective Courses in Psychology

Students may also take additional elective courses in psychology.

Psyc 1213 Intimate Relationships (3 credit hours)

Psyc 2013 Lifespan Development (3 credit hours)

Psyc 2503 Industrial Psychology (3 credit hours)

Psyc 2913 Introduction to Counseling (3 credit hours)

Psyc 3463 Topics In Psychology: Forensic Psychology (3 credit hours)

Topics in Psychology: Health Psychology (3 credit hours)

Psyc 4313 Psychological Tests and Measurement (3 credit hours)

Psyc 4563: Seminars in Psychology: Neurobiological Psychology (3 credit hours)

NOTE: The number of credit hours required in psychology is 43 for the BS (Plus 7 hours in Philosophy). Anything beyond 52 credits with a psychology prefix will not be counted toward the 124 needed for graduation

To declare psychology as your major, please contact Dr. Melissa Hakman ([email protected]; 405-208-5397).


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