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Fall Move-In

Oklahoma City University Housing and Residence Life look forward to welcoming our new and returning residents for the Fall 2024 semester!

To help ensure a smooth process for move-in, each student is responsible for signing up for a time slot. Links to sign up will be emailed out to all students in mid-July. If you did not receive an email, please contact [email protected]. You must arrive and check into your room assignment on your assigned day and during your self-assigned time slot. You will need to remain flexible in your plans as we will be unable to accommodate requests for changes to move-in dates and times unless already approved.

Students can sign up for a 2-hour window between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to drop off their items from Thursday, Aug. 8, to Saturday, Aug. 10. Upon arrival, the student and support person will be let into their room by a member of our Residence Life staff. You will have access to the room, but will not be given a key. Once all your items are moved in, or the 2-hour window limit has expired, the student will check out with our Residence Life staff and the door will be locked. Choosing this option will allow for a quicker move-in process on the day of your official move-in.

Sign-up Forms for time slots will be listed in mid-July 2023.

Freshmen Move-In will begin at 9 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 11. Freshmen can select a time slot for move-in between 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Freshmen that are a part of the President’s Leadership Class or the Honors Program will move in at different designated times. If you are part of one of these specific groups, please look for detailed instructions from your Program Director.

During their selected time slot, the student will drive up to the front of Walker Hall or Banning Hall. All of their items will be taken up from their vehicle to their room with the help of our Residence Life staff and other campus partners. Your specific room will be unlocked by a member of the Residence Life staff and once inside, you will find paperwork and your room key.

If you chose the early drop-off option, you will walk to the front of your building to check in, and then you will be directed to your room to get your paperwork and key.

Sign-up Forms for time slots will be listed in Mid-July 2023.

Upperclassmen and graduate student move-in begins at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 14th.

Methodist Hall

Students will go to the main Housing Office located in Methodist Hall to check in and receive their keys. The entrance to the main lobby is located on the east side of the building. The paperwork will already be in your room. Once you are checked in, go to your desired entrance and start moving in!

Cokesbury Apartments

Students will park near their building and walk to the Clubhouse as check-in will be in the great room. The student will be checked in and given their keys. The paperwork needed will already be in your room. Once you are checked in, start moving in!

Frequently Asked Questions

For First Year Student Early Drop-Off:

To sign up for Freshman Early Drop-Off, please sign up for a day and time below based on what residence hall you are in:

  • Banning Drop-Off
  • Walker Hall Drop-Off

Early Drop Off hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Freshmen Move-In hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Not at that time. The early drop-off is there for students to drop their items off in their room before the move-in date. Then, on the move-in date, you can simply walk up to your building's front office to check-in. You will then be able to proceed to your room to get your key.

For all other residents:

Yes! If you are an incoming freshman, please follow the link to sign-up for a time slot for your building. This does include freshmen residents living in Banning Hall, Walker Hall, and Methodist Hall.

The move-in sign-up forms will be posted in July. 


To change your move-in time slot, please log back into the registration form for your hall and delete your original submission. From there, you will be able to sign up for another available time slot. If you have any issues, please email [email protected].

We ask for flexibility during this time. If your first choice for your move-in day and time slot is full, please select another open day or time. If absolutely no open slots that remain work for you, please contact [email protected].

Residents arriving on campus during their self-assigned time slot that will live in Banning and Walker Hall will arrive on campus by entering from Noble Drive (this is a one-way road that runs directly parallel to 23rd St) and will be directed in line to their hall. Residence Life staff will check-in students at their cars. The student’s room key and move-in information will be placed within the student’s assigned room on their desk.

You will drive to the main housing office located on the east side of Methodist Hall at your selected time and Residence Life staff will check you in and provide you with your key. Move-in materials will be placed in the student’s room.

You will park in the Cokesbury complex and walk to the Clubhouse to checkin. The Housing and Residence Life staff will check you in and provide you with your key. Move-in materials will be placed within the student’s apartment.

  • Honor Student's Move-In is on Saturday, Aug. 10. Honor students do not need to sign up for a move-in time. Just arrive at the hall during the move-in time window that is given to you by your Program Director
  • PLC Students will move-In on Sunday, Aug. 11. Further instructions will be emailed to you about PLC move-in. This is typically from 8 to 9 a.m. but is subject to change. We encourage you to confirm your time with your Program Director.

There will be volunteers at the front of Walker Hall, and Banning Hall to help on First Year Move-In to assist students move into their spaces. There will not be volunteers for Upperclassmen Move-In.

Volunteers will be equipped with carts to help students move First Year students into their Fall assignments. There will be carts available for individual check-out for Methodist Hall at the Methodist Hall Housing Office. If a student checks out a cart and fails to return it, they will be charged for its replacement.

Each student moving-in is permitted to have move-in helpers. There is no limit to the number of helpers

If you moved into Walker and Banning Hall, once you have unloaded your vehicle, please park in the parking lot in front of Draper Hall. If you are moving into Methodist Hall, you can park in either L1 or L2 parking garages. Cokesbury Apartments have parking throughout the complex.

Unless approved at least 48 hours ahead of time by the Housing and Residence Life Department, you will be asked to come back the following day to move in during the Move-In time window.

Please check your OCU email for your room and hall assignment information. They are sent out starting June 28. You can also find the information within your housing application in the housing portal. Such information is listed under the tab titled, "Application Summary." The housing portal can be found here.

Any students not able to move into their fall assignments by the first day of classes in August must notify housing beforehand.

  • Clearly label your belongings with your full name, residence hall, and room number. Include labels on everything and make them easily visible.
  • Size and weight matters! Remember in some residential communities you will be using stairs and not elevators to move your belongings.
  • Make sure that you have talked with your roommate and tried to avoid duplicating items for your room.
  • Make sure that you review the housing policies and know what is and is not allowed in your room.

The Cafeteria and Alvin’s Market will open starting Sunday, Aug. 11. Kitchen 1904 will open on the first day of classes.

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