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Business school launches data scientist certificate program

Oklahoma City University is partnering with Future Point of View to launch a Citizen Data Scientist certificate program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering workers in job functions at various kinds of businesses with essential data analytics skills. With the first cohort set for February through April 2024, the program is designed to bridge the digital divide and foster informed decision-making, resource optimization and business growth.

The Citizen Data Scientist program consists of an orientation and six sessions held on Monday mornings every two weeks. The curriculum covers a comprehensive range of topics including data collection, analysis, visualization and interpretation. The program's instructors are leading technology consultants, ensuring participants receive top-notch training.

“We are excited to bring this transformative program to our region,” said Melissa Cory, director of OCU’s Meinders School of Business Executive & Professional Education programs. “In an era where data drives decision making, the Citizen Data Scientist program equips individuals with the skills to not only navigate but thrive in the data-driven landscape.”

The program is limited to 20 students. Total cost is $2,000, which includes a credential-confirming certificate upon successful completion. Registration deadline for the first cohort is Jan. 12, 2024.

For more information and to apply, please visit okcu.edu/business/professional-education.

The initiative to develop Citizen Data Scientists stems from the recognition that data science competencies are increasingly valuable and central to the skills desired in future employees. The program sets the standard for making data science a shared responsibility across the organization, ensuring widespread knowledge and decision-making improvements.

The Citizen Data Scientist development model comprises three levels:

Foundational Knowledge, an overview of organizational responsibilities, tools and capabilities, and skills such as data visualization, mashups, rules and triggers, and predictive analytics
Advanced Internal Lab, a hands-on experience with current reporting and data resources for individual departments
Advanced External Lab, advancing thinking on ways the organization can use data to realize external value for customers
Rivers of Information, where participants are encouraged to continue learning independently through the Data Activation River of Information, a resource designed to support ongoing skills development

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