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Explanation of Fees

General University Fee, per credit hour - $165

  • $125 per credit hour for RN-BSN students
  • Excludes Domestic Adult Degree Completion Program Students. This is paid by all students at Oklahoma City University and provides general budget funding for a variety of services, including campus technology, academic enrichment and assessment, athletics and facilities, safety and crisis preparedness, career services, health services, personal counseling, intramurals, student government association, student traditions, religious life, and student publications.

Student Bar Association Dues per fall and spring semester - $125

  • This fee is charged to all law students to support the Student Bar Association (SBA) sponsored programs.

Academic Success Fee, per credit hour - $32

  • This fee is charged to all law students to support Academic Achievement programs. This includes resources to help students improve their academic performance during law school such as the BARBRI resources provided from 1L to 3L year and the Advanced Bar Studies course, among other things.

Parking and Security Fee, per year - $150

  • This fee is charged to students, faculty, and staff who wish to park their motor vehicles on campus. All students, faculty, and staff who have motor vehicles and park them on campus must pay the parking fee and obtain the university parking permit, and display it on their vehicle at all times.

Student ID Card

  • Initial Card Fee: $25
  • Replacement Card Fee: $10

Installment Plan Fee, per semester - $50

  • Charge assessed for the payment plan that allows students to make four interest-free payments during the course of the semester.

Installment Finance Fee, per semester - $100

  • All charges on the student's account will be due and payable on the first day of class according to the academic calendar. This fee is a one-time charge per semester on the remaining balance after the first day of class, less any anticipated financial aid on the account. Work-study will not be considered payment until it is actually worked and applied to the student account. This fee will be waived if payment is received by the first payment due date. Any account with an unpaid balance will be subject to a finance fee at the end of the semester. (See Finance Fee).

Finance Fee, per semester - 2.67%

  • This fee is assessed at the rate of 2.67% for any remaining balance at the end of the semester.
    • Student Health Insurance Plan Fall 2023 Semester - $1,107
    • Student Health Insurance Plan Spring 2024 Semester - $1,543
  • All domestic undergraduate students taking twelve (12) or more credit hours, all domestic graduate (including law and doctoral programs) students taking nine (9) or more credit hours, and all post-graduate nursing students taking three (3) or more credit hours will be automatically enrolled in this insurance plan at registration, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. Domestic students may apply for a waiver of the insurance offered through the university through the waiver portal, www.studentcenter.uhcsr.com/okcu. You will need your date of birth, student ID number, and insurance information available when applying for the waiver.

Application Fees

  • Undergraduate - $55
  • Graduate - $60
  • International (paper application) - $70
  • International (online application) - $60
  • This fee accompanies a student’s application for admission to Oklahoma City University.

Comprehensive Records Fee, one per degree:

  • Undergraduate - $360
  • Graduate and Doctoral - $250
  • Law - $325
  • A fee is charged one time per degree sought at Oklahoma City University. This fee covers a wide range of individual costs, including add/drop of classes, printed transcripts (electronic transcripts can be purchased here Clearinghouse Electronic Transcripts), diplomas, and the provision of online student payment systems and statements.

First Year Experience Fee – All new UG & transfers in Fall - $300

  • Charged to all new freshman and transfer students (excluding RN to BSN students) in the fall. The fee covers the costs of providing year-long services and activities for new students and their families to support academic success.

New Student Orientation – All new UG & transfers Spring/Summer - $40

  • Charged to all new full-time freshmen and transfer students (excluding RN to BSN students) each spring and summer semester. The fee covers the costs of providing a useful overview of services, policies, and resources of interest to incoming undergraduate students for the purposes of promoting academic success.

Diploma Reorder Fee - $45

Nursing School Fee, per credit hour - $95

  • Excludes RN to BSN students, and Online RN-BSN and MSN Programs
    This fee applies only to courses with the NURS prefix. This fee covers Simulation and Lab supplies, maintenance, warranties for all programs, classroom technology, testing and tutoring services, and fees associated with clinical requirements to include, but not limited to: ID badges, drug screens, background checks, and clinical tracking. Expenses related to Pinning and Graduation will also be covered by the nursing school fees.

DNP Course Fee, per credit hour - $145

Lab and Class fees vary per specific classes, Various

  • Each school or department determines the class fees based on their needs for lab supplies, consumable items used by students, etc. The fees are retained by the department to provide adequate supplies for those classes.

Applied Dance Fee, per credit hour for specific classes - $63

  • This fee is charged to all students enrolled in dance courses utilizing specialized dance studio facilities.

Music Fee, per credit hour of Applied Music - $260

  • This fee is charged to all students enrolled in applied music courses.

Music Facilities fee, per semester - $250

  • Music majors will be assessed a facilities fee each semester to help provide for the needs of a highly specialized music facility.

Accompanist, 1 credit hour - $275

Accompanist, 2 credit hours - $350

  • Vocal students pay a standard fee for accompanists' services as part of their applied lessons. This fee covers accompanists' services for studio lessons, master classes, and juries for the two-credit-hour students and studio lessons and juries for one-credit-hour students.

Theatre Fee, per credit hour for specific classes - $45

Online Technology Fee, per credit hour - $35

  • A fee is charged per online credit hour to any Oklahoma City University Student taking an online course. This fee covers technology updates, improvements, and general upkeep.

Books - varies

  • Estimated at $75 per credit hour
  • Law - Estimated at $85 per credit hour

International Services Fee, per semester - $175

  • International students will be assessed a fee used to fund recruitment and operational costs in International Admissions.

Health Insurance Fall 2023 Semester - $1,107

Health Insurance Spring 2024 Semester - $1,543

  • International students are required to have student health insurance through the university.

*Prices subject to change without notice

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