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A Consultative Sales minor will be able to think critically and innovatively, communicate effectively and creatively, and use their knowledge and talents to make a local and global impact.

“It didn’t happen until it is sold.” - Vance Harrison, Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame Inductee

Consultative selling is a method of relationship selling that can benefit all majors at OCU. Consultative sales professionals are found in the industries of all of our colleges: health, performing arts, arts and sciences, business, religion, law, and religion.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Handbook, sales workers will remain in demand because these occupations are important in building and maintaining customer bases for businesses. Although e-commerce may diminish the need for transactional sales, consultative sales and problem-solving account management will remain valuable.  OCU's Consultative Sales minor is truly interdisciplinary, incorporating marketing, communications, rhetoric, philosophy, and psychology to set you up for success across all industries.

Requirements Credit Hours: 24 

  • PSYC 1113 Introduction to Psychology* 3 
  • PHIL/PHRH 2513 Ethics of Communication* or 
  • MGMT 2223/PHIL 2203 Business Ethics and Leadership* 3 
  • PHRH 2313 Persuasive Communication 3 
  • MKTG 3013 Marketing Principles 3 
  • MKTG 3123 Consultative Selling 3 
  • PSYC 3403 Social Psychology or 
  • PSYC 2503 Industrial Psychology or 
  • MKTG 3313 Consumer Behavior 3 
  • MCOM 4303 Promotional Methods and Strategies or 
  • MCOM 3503 Media Relations and Events Management 3 
  • MCOM 4813 Sales Leadership and Strategy 3 

* Course may satisfy a general education requirement.

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