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Unearth the Past, Shape the Future

Embark on a captivating journey through the annals of time with OCU History. We believe that understanding history is not just about memorizing dates; it's about unraveling the stories that have shaped civilizations and paved the way for the world we live in today.

Why choose our program?

Immersive Learning Experience: Step into the shoes of historical figures, explore ancient civilizations, and dissect pivotal moments that defined eras. Our immersive approach to learning ensures you don't just study history — you live it.

Expert Faculty: Learn from passionate historians and scholars who bring history to life. Our faculty is dedicated to fostering critical thinking and analytical skills, empowering you to navigate the complexities of the past and present.

Perspectives: Gain a holistic understanding of history by examining its global impact. Explore the interconnectedness of cultures, economies, and societies, preparing yourself for a world where historical knowledge is a key asset.

Research Opportunities: Dive into original research projects, uncover hidden narratives, and contribute to the ongoing conversation in the field of history. Our program provides you with the tools and resources to make meaningful contributions to historical scholarship.

Career Readiness: Equip yourself with valuable skills sought after by employers. A degree in history opens doors to a wide range of professions, from education and research to journalism, law, and beyond.

Whether you aspire to become a historian, educator, or leader in various fields, our History program is your gateway to a future enriched by a deep understanding of the past. Join us and become a steward of history, shaping the narratives that will resonate for generations to come.

Research papers are incorporated into 3000- and 4000- level offerings, and majors must satisfactorily complete two such courses with research papers prior to entering the Senior Research Project. A grade of C or better is required in all history courses for history majors.

Major Requirement Credit Hours: 36

Required Courses: 18 credit hours

HIST 1003 American History to 1876 (3 credit hours)
HIST 1103 United States History Since 1876 (3 credit hours)
HIST 1203 World History to 1500 (3 credit hours)
HIST 1303 World History Since 1500 (3 credit hours)
HIST 2203 Historiography (3 credit hours)
HIST 4893 Senior Research Project/Capstone (3 credit hours)

Elective Courses: 18 credit hours

HIST 2003 History of Women in the US (3 credit hours)
HIST 2103 Issues in Women’s Studies (3 credit hours)
HIST 2403 Popular Culture in America (3 credit hours)
HIST 2413 Survey of Asian History and Politics (3 credit hours)
HIST 2503 Native American History (3 credit hours)
HIST 2713 Regional Geography (3 credit hours)
HIST 2803 International History (3 credit hours)
HIST 3213 Introduction to Digital and Public History (3 credit hours)
HIST 3363 Topics in World History (3 credit hours)
HIST 3413 The First World War and its Aftermath in Memoirs and
Films (3 credit hours)
HIST 3463 Topics in United States History (3 credit hours)
(may be repeated with variable subtitles) 
HIST 3563 Topics in the History of Asia (3 credit hours)
HIST 3663 Topics in the Ancient World (3 credit hours)
HIST 3703 Oklahoma and the Southwest (3 credit hours)
HIST 3713 The Russian Revolution and Stalinism (3 credit hours)
HIST 3763 Topics in the European History (3 credit hours)
HIST 3903 La Belle France (3 credit hours)
HIST 3913 The Third Reich and the Holocaust (3 credit hours)
HIST 4063 Seminar in American History (3 credit hours)
HIST 4163 Seminar in European History (3 credit hours)
HIST 4263 Seminar in Comparative History (World) (3 credit hours)
HIST 4851-3 Directed Readings (1 to 3 credit hours)

Recommended Courses

History, political science, and history/political science majors who are
pursuing teacher certification are required to take the following courses.

HIST 2713 Regional Geography (3 credit hours)
POLS 1013 Comparative Politics (3 credit hours)
HIST 3703 Oklahoma and the Southwest (3 credit hours)
ECON 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credit hours)
ECON 2113 Principles of Microeconomics (3 credit hours)
SOC 2013 Introduction to Sociology (3 credit hours)

Students interested in History can easily transfer their academic credits to Oklahoma City University! Rose State College students should review the below articulation agreement to determine which courses are needed for the B.A. in History degree.  


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