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The OCU History/Political Science degree program offers a rich and interdisciplinary education that explores the intricate relationship between past events, political structures and societal developments. The program provides you with a comprehensive understanding of historical contexts, political systems and the complexities of global governance. 

A history/political science degree offers a well-rounded education, preparing students for a wide range of careers in government, international relations, academia, law and more. It fosters critical thinking, research skills and a nuanced understanding of the historical and political forces that shape the world. Graduates are equipped to contribute meaningfully to public discourse, policy analysis and historical scholarship.

Credit Hours: 39


HIST 1003 United States History to 1876 or
HIST 1103 United States History Since 1876
HIST 1203 World Civilization to 1500 or
HIST 1303 World Civilization Since 1500
HIST 2203 Historiography
Additional history courses - 9 hrs

Political Science

One course from each of the following groups.

Group A: 3 hrs

POLS 2613 Political Philosophy

Group B: 3 hrs

POLS 2513 International Relations
POLS 3013 European Politics and Government
POLS 3603 International Organization
POLS 3613 U.S. Foreign Policy
POLS 3913 Politics of the Developing World

Group C: 3 hrs

POLS 2413 Legislative Behavior
POLS 3213 State and Local Government and Administration
POLS 3503 Election Seminar
POLS 3713 U.S. Presidency

POLS 4863 Senior Seminar 

Any nine additional semester hours in POLS: 9


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