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You can elevate your understanding of the political landscape with a Political Science minor from Oklahoma City University. 

Our dynamic program blends theory with real-world applications, empowering you to analyze and influence political processes. With a diverse and engaged faculty, OCU fosters an environment where critical thinking and global perspectives thrive. Benefit from small class sizes, personalized mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. 

Whether aspiring to contribute to governance, advocacy, or international relations, OCU's Political Science program equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of the modern political arena. Join us to shape the future of civic leadership.

Requirements Credit Hours: 15 (Three hours from Group A, B and C)

Field of Political Philosophy - Choose One

  • POLS 3513 Political Philosophy
  • POLS 4114 Constitutional Law

Field of International Relations and Comparative Politics - Choose One

  • POLS 2513 International Relations
  • POLS 3013 European Politics and Government
  • POLS 3603 International Organization
  • POLS 3613 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • POLS 3913 Politics of the Developing World

Field of U.S. Politics - Choose One

  • POLS 2413 Legislative Behavior
  • POLS 3213 State and Local Government and Administration
  • POLS 3503 Elections Seminar
  • POLS 3713 U.S. Presidency

Electives: 9 Hours

(Excluding POLS 1003, 2304, and 4103)

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