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Why should I consider an Interfaith Studies minor at OCU’s Wimberly School of Religion?

  • To gain a broad overview of the world's major religious traditions
  • To learn how to interact with persons from a variety of religious backgrounds
  • To demonstrate leadership skills in religious communities or organizations

Pair this minor with your major in Nursing, Business, Political Science, Sociology—people in every field will engage in interfaith dialogue in the 21st Century!

What is required?

  • 18 Credit Hours of coursework
    • Introduction to World Religions
    • Religious Pluralism and Interreligious Dialogue
    • 12 hours of electives in approved courses
      • At least 9 hours at the 3000-4000 level
      • At least 3 hours outside of the School of Religion
      • Can include up to 3 hours of internship in an Interfaith setting

The OCU Jewish Stars is the only Jewish student organization at OCU. They are committed to celebrating Jewish religious and cultural traditions on campus. The OCU Jewish Stars is open to all students, whether you are Jewish or just interested in learning more about Judaism! 

Follow them on Facebook or contact Celia Tedde at [email protected] for more information about joining this organization.

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