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The Youth Ministry/Religious Education minor is useful for students interested in part-time or full-time service in Christian education, youth work, or other church-related vocations.

  • Youth Ministry focuses on ministry with junior high and high school students.
  • Religious Education has a broader focus including children, youth, and adults.
  • Coursework is tailored to reflect the track and the student’s interest area.

All Students will be required to take the following courses:

REL 1003 The Bible and Culture
REL 2023 Methods of Scriptural Interpretation
REL 3813 Nature and Work of Christian Education
REL 4603 Leadership in Christian Education
REL 4613 The Bible in Ministry
REL 4703 Theology in Ministry

REL 3913 Ministry with Youth* 
REL 3933 Ministry with Children and Families** or
REL 3943 Ministry with Adults**

*Required for emphasis in Youth Ministry
**Required for emphasis in Christian Education

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