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Master of Education in Instructional Design and Educational Technology

OCU’s commitment to innovation and progress has led to a new master's degree program in education (M.Ed.), focusing on instructional design and educational technology.

With two certificate programs leading toward the master’s degree, this program will help ensure you are well-equipped to make a difference in your community.

The primary goal is to empower educators. With the fast-paced changes in educational trends and the integration of technology in teaching, it's crucial that teachers have the skills needed to remain at the forefront of modern educational practices.

  • Appropriate for all levels of teachers
  • Online synchronous study, with optional in-person learning opportunities
  • Only program of its kind in the state offering stackable certificates that combine for a master's degree
  • Students in OCU's Teacher Development Academy receive six credit hours toward the master's degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology

The M.Ed. program offers advanced courses that delve deeper into the intricacies of curriculum development and the integration of instructional technology. Those minoring in Education will also benefit from a more diverse elective course pool.

Upon completion of the program, you will be equipped with skills such as designing effective learning experiences, integrating learning theories into instructional practices, leveraging instructional technology, and leading curriculum development initiatives.

All courses are delivered in a hybrid format, allowing for both in-person and remote participation.

GRED 6113      Survey of Instructional Technology 

Explores current trends in educational technology that is leveraged for teaching and learning. Students will evaluate emerging technologies from the context of various learning environments. (Fall)

GRED 6283      Research Methods in Educational Design

Research methods relevant to instructional design and technology education. A statistical component is included. (Fall)

GRED 6313      Principles of Curriculum and Instructional Design

Integrated study of the principles of curriculum and instructional design as it relates to learning. Aspects of educational pedagogy will be addressed including lesson planning and sequencing, instructional materials and strategies, and effective assessment and evaluation techniques. (Fall)

GRED 6533      Creating Accessible Learning Environments

Theoretical and practical foundation for the creation of innovative and engaging learning environments that leverage educational technology. (Summer)

GRED 6623      Innovative Leadership 

Prepares educational leaders to effectively plan, evaluate, and manage technology that supports teaching and learning in K-12 schools today and in the future. (Summer)

GRED 6963      Instructional Design and Educational Technology Capstone

Culminating project designed to demonstrate and measure the growth and competence to effectively integrate technology to support teaching and learning. Capstone projects are expected to demonstrate concepts learned throughout the program and will be tailored to the unique interests of each student. Must be taken in the final semester of the program. (Fall/Spring)

GRED 6101-3   Educational Technology in Practice

Credit granted for evidence-based practical knowledge of educational technology in the workplace. (Fall/Spring)

GRED 6683      Learning and Development Internship

Allows students to gain practical experience while integrating knowledge and skills gained through program coursework. The intern must work with internship coordinator and faculty to develop an internship proposal. Prerequisites: completion of program core coursework. (Fall/Spring)

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