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Advocate Toolkit

Below you'll find all you need to reach out to your classmates and friends for #TrueBlueOCU Giving Day!

Here are a few overarching tips for being the most effective:

  1. Use the official hashtag, #TrueBlueOCU, in all of your posts.
  2. Consider making your social media profiles and posts public just before, during and after Giving Day so others can share your messages and we can share and view them on our own platforms!
  3. Videos, pictures and links draw the eye first (and are ranked higher in the algorithm) on social media. Every post should include an image from the advocate toolkit you will be provided OR one or more meaningful OCU photos of current students, alumni gatherings, or even from when you were in college.
    1. But for the sake of preserving the OCU’s integrity, just be sure your images put forward the kind of message OCU is going for.

  • Now
    • Follow OCU and OCU Alumni on all social platforms.
  • April 24 morning:
    • Add to your Facebook/Instagram stories about the upcoming Day of Giving
  • April 24 midday/evening:
    • Change your Facebook cover image (ToolKit)
    • Post on social media #1
    • Send initial email/text to your network asking them to give tomorrow
  • April 25 morning:
    • Post on social media #2
    • Email/text your prospect list
    • Post on your OCU pages and groups
  • April 25 afternoon:
    • Post on social media #3
    • Shoutouts to your contacts who have participated
    • Phone calls to prospects who have yet to participate
  • April 25 evening:
    • Post on social media #4
    • Calls, personal outreach for last minute giving
  • April 26 morning:
    • Share OCU and OCU Alumni posts announcing the final Giving Day Results!








Don't forget to @ your OCU friends.

Below are a few talking points we've created for you. But remember, you know your fellow OCU classmates and alumni better than we ever could, so share your story and ask them to support OCU on this special day.

Gifts made for #TrueBlueOCU count for more than on any other day in 2024, because this is a grassroots effort to increase awareness of OCU and to build donor support.
Gifts can be made online at www.okcu.edu/givingday or by calling 405-208-7000.
Encourage them to increase their gift over last year.
If they have never given before, encourage them to give at their "class level." For example, a graduate of 2008 could give $20.08 or a graduate of 1975 might give $19.75 or $75.
Thank them for their continued support whether they give or not.

Below is a sample email you can send to fellow alumni and OCU friends. You know your classmates and fellow graduates better than we do, so personalize the email to fit your purpose. You also can forward one of the previous Giving Day emails (let us know if you need one resent) and add your own message at the top.

Dear ____________,

I hope by now you've heard about #TrueBlueOCU Giving Day! It's an exciting time for the entire OCU community to come together to show our support of the University. I made my gift as part of the Giving Day campaign, #TrueBlueOCU, and I hope you will join me in making one, too.

I invested in OCU because of the wonderful experience I had at a pivotal time in my life. To make your gift, visit www.okcu.edu/givingday or call 405-208-7000.

Thank you in advance for showing your OCU pride by supporting students, programs and research through your gift and your advocacy.

Sincerely, YOUR NAME

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