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Service learning, at its core, is a teaching and learning strategy that connects what you learn in the classroom to problems in our community. At Oklahoma City University, you will get the opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom while making a difference for our community. Service learning will show you that what you learn in the classroom has the potential to have an impact on the world and community around us.

Since 2004, service learning has been a requirement of the OCU general education curriculum. You will complete at least one service learning course before graduation. If you complete four or more service learning courses, you will receive special recognition at your Commencement ceremony.

    Bug Collecting in Creek - Biology Service Learning Course
    Bug collecting in Mustang Creek. This practice helps monitor local ecology and make sure our natural community thrives.
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    Vivian Wimberly Service Learning Endowment

    The Vivian Wimberly Service-Learning Endowment was created to encourage and support faculty who teach courses that allow students to apply their classroom learning to real-world experience. Beginning with the fall 2021 semester, service-learning faculty have the opportunity to receive a stipend through the Vivian Wimberly Endowment. Awards will be offered for new courses and repeat courses that include an updated component.

    Vivian Wimberly Service-Learning Endowment stipends will be awarded through an application process. Application instructions can be found here. Applications for spring semester classes are due the third Tuesday in September. Applications for fall semester classes are due the third Tuesday in February. 5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2023, is the application deadline for Spring 2024 classes.

    Contact Lesley Black at [email protected] if you have any questions about the application process.

    Fall 2023 Awardees

    Sabina Amanbayeva - Beginning Russian I
    Janice Carr - Community Health
    Emma Winters-Defani - Art Service Learning Screenprinting

    Spring 2023 Awardees

    Mark Griffin – Intermediate Spanish II
    Diana Haslett – Corporate Video
    Leslie Long – Bible and Culture
    Lisa Wolfe – Bible and Culture / Honors Bible & Culture

    Fall 2022 Awardees

    Janice Carr - Community Health Nursing
    Emma Winters-Difani - Community Art Education w/the Children's Center

    Spring 2022 Awardees

    Lynette Martin - Business Communications & Technical Writing
    Pam Melson - Community Nursing
    Dr. Natalia Starostina - World History Since 1500
    Emma Winters-Difani - Fresh StART Print Making

    Fall 2021 Awardees

    Christa Bentley - Music Seminar: American Music in the Civil Rights Era
    Beth Landon - Directed Study in Biology: Blue Thumb
    Julie Russell, Kay Sandel, and Erin Bond - Lab for Dance Teachers I
    Emma Winters-Difani - Fresh StART Screenprinting