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Purchasing Card User Guide


The OCU Purchasing Card program will be under the oversight of the Purchasing Card Committee. This committee is comprised of three members: the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief of Staff, and the General Counsel.

Having an OKCU purchasing card is a privilege, not a right.

The Purchasing Card Committee will set a maximum transaction limit per cardholder per card.

Cardholders are not permitted to divide a purchase into multiple transactions to avoid their single transaction limit. An example of a split transaction would be the following scenario: total purchase is $2,500 and the Cardholder has a single transaction limit of $1,000. The Cardholder has the vendor split the order into amounts of $1,000, $1,000, and $500. Such a split transaction is strictly prohibited.

Cardholders are spending University resources, which are limited. Your purchases must not exceed available departmental funding.
Cardholders are responsible for all charges made to the card issued to them. Intentional misuse, or fraudulent abuse, may result in disciplinary action up to, and including dismissal, even for the first offense. The University reserves the right to refer any incident(s) of this nature to law enforcement agencies.

Cards should not be used for personal purchases, cash advances, or purchasing cash equivalents (i.e. gift cards, gift certificates, movie vouchers, etc).
Cardholders are required to keep all receipts (reference Receipts section below).

Cardholders who become aware of misuse of OKCU Purchasing Cards are required to report the matter in accordance with the OKCU Whistleblower Policy.

  • Applicant’s supervisor should complete the form located on Starnet at the following link: Request to Add Purchasing Card User (.docx). Application must include, as final approval, the signature of the Vice President, or Dean, over the applicant’s area. The application will be submitted to the Purchasing Card Committee for approval and the establishment of cardholder limits.
  • The Cardholder is required to sign the OKCU Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement. Cardholder signature on the agreement implies Cardholder will abide with the agreement. Failure to abide by the agreement may result in disciplinary action up to, and including dismissal, even for the first time offense. The University reserves the right to refer any failure to abide by the agreement to law enforcement agencies.
  • Cardholder must sign the back of his/her credit card and keep it secure.
  • Cardholder’s card will have a per transaction limit and a per month limit established by the Purchasing Card Committee. Any changes to these limits require the written approval of the Purchasing Card Committee.

  • An original (not a photocopy) receipt is required for every transaction. On the rare occasion a cardholder might lose a receipt, or one is not available, he/she may complete the lost receipt form located on Starnet at the following link: Starnet: Pcard lost receipt form (.docx). Please note a lost receipt form is an explanation of the charge and is not a substitute for a receipt – you should try to obtain a duplicate receipt in lieu of completing this form.
  • Cardholder is required to retain all receipts for his/her purchases. Original (not a photocopy) receipts should contain details of the purchase.
  • Original (not a photocopy) receipts for food/restaurant charges MUST include: date of the meeting, location of the meeting, type of meal, names of individuals at the meeting (if attendance is over 10 the number of attendees is sufficient), and the business purpose of the meeting. Cardholder must be specific when indicating the business purpose – “working lunch" is not sufficient. If cardholder is meeting with individuals, or a company, outside OKCU – cardholder must include the names of the individuals and/or the company name and the reason for the meeting – merely including the company name without a reason for the meeting is not sufficient.
  • Original (not a photocopy) receipts for lodging and/or transportation must include: date(s) of travel, name of traveler(s), and the business purpose for the travel.
  • OKCU is exempt from paying sales tax. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to request and verify that no sales tax is being charged on their transaction(s). A sales tax exemption form may be obtained from the Financial Accounting Services Office for presentation to vendors. Sales tax charged must be reimbursed by the cardholder if the amount of sales tax exceeds $25 in a statement cycle.

  • Each cardholder will receive a monthly statement identifying each transaction made against the OKCU Purchasing Card during the billing cycle. The statement must be reconciled against your retained receipts for accuracy.
  • A Purchasing Card Transaction Log envelope is required to be completed each month that purchases are made. It must be signed by the cardholder as proof of reconcilement and then forwarded to supervisor/approving officer for approval. The Purchasing Card Transaction Log envelope should be kept for a period of 3 fiscal years plus the current fiscal year.
  • The Financial Accounting Services Office will randomly and/or universally audit purchasing card transaction logs. Results of the audits will be reported to supervisors, approving officers, and other University Officers.
  • Each account must be reconciled by the 15th of the subsequent month.

Each of these items represents a violation which could result in the loss of purchasing card privileges, even for a first offense. It is understood the Cardholder is the subject of any corrective action(s) because the Cardholder is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all policies and procedures are being followed in regards to their purchasing card transactions (reference Purchasing Card Program Audit Procedures for a full comprehensive list of violations and consequences). Examples of actions that may result in corrective action(s) are as follows:

  • Disregarding any item in the Usage section of this guide.
  • Split transactions (reference Usage section above).
  • A lost receipt form signed by Cardholder and Cardholder’s supervisor in lieu of a missing receipt.
  • Personal charges, whether reimbursed or not.
  • Non-itemized receipts.
  • Sales tax incurred in excess of $25 in a statement cycle. Sales tax charged must be reimbursed by the cardholder if the amount of sales tax exceeds $25 in a statement cycle.
  • Failure to produce purchasing card log upon request.

  • In the case of an error, first contact the supplier and try to reach an agreement. Most disputes can be resolved between you and the supplier directly.
  • If you are unable to reach an agreement with the supplier, complete a Dispute Form, sign it and send it to JPMorgan Chase. All disputes must be submitted in writing to JPMorgan Chase within 60 days of the statement date via fax at 1-866-865-2298 or via mail to:

Chase Card Services
Attn: OCU Purchasing Card Dispute Dept. OH 1-0553
PO Box 182918
Columbus, OH 43272-5543

Lost or Stolen Cards

The OKCU Purchasing Card should be secured, just as you would secure your personal credit cards. If your card is lost or has been stolen, immediately contact JPMorgan Chase via this toll free number (1-800 316-6056) AND please notify the Financial Accounting Services office at 405- 208-5086.

Refusal of Card Or Account

Should you be declined at the point of sale for any reason, please contact your OKCU Purchasing Card Administrator at 405-208-5086 or JPMorgan Chase at 1-800-316-6056 Ext. 7245. Every effort will be made to determine why the transaction was declined.

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