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Admissions Statistics

 Class of 2023Class of 2024Class of 2025
Overall GPA3.533.473.44
Science GPA3.293.173.16
GRE Verbal147147146
GRE Quantitative149147146
GRE Analytical Writing3.573.723.59

Overall GPA

CohortOverall GPA
Class of 20233.53
Class of 20243.47
Class of 20253.44

Science GPA

CohortScience GPA
Class of 20233.29
Class of 20243.17
Class of 20253.16

GRE Verbal

CohortAverage Score
Class of 2023147
Class of 2024147
Class of 2025146

GRE Quantitative

CohortAverage Score
Class of 2023149
Class of 2024147
Class of 2025146

GRE Analytical Writing

CohortAverage Score
Class of 20233.57
Class of 20243.72
Class of 20253.59
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