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Gender-Inclusive Housing

Oklahoma City University offers Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) to support OCU’s ongoing commitment to developing welcoming and inclusive environments. GIH enhances the residential experience by allowing students to live in the same room and share common spaces regardless of assigned sex and/or gender expression. This allows students to have a free exchange of ideas and make their own decisions that extend beyond the classroom to all aspects of campus life, including on-campus housing. GIH is optional, and students must expressly state their desire for a GIH assignment.


  • No student will be required to live in a gender-inclusive room, suite, or apartment.
  • Students in gender-inclusive housing may choose their roommates and those they share their rooms, suites, or apartments with.
  • Students are not asked to indicate a reason for wanting to live in gender-inclusive housing.
  • In general, entering first-year students are not eligible for gender-inclusive housing at this time. However, OCU Housing and Residence Life will work with first-year students who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth on an individualized basis. These students should contact Housing and Residence Life for assistance at [email protected] or at 405-208-6363.

Community Standards

Applicants who choose to live in gender-inclusive housing agree to the following:

  • Oklahoma City University is committed to providing an educational, living, and working environment that is welcoming, respectful, and inclusive of all members of the University community, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity.
  • Residents will adhere to all University Housing and Residence Life policies in accordance with the OCU Student Code of Conduct.
  • Gender-inclusive units may house students of all biological sexes, gender expressions, and identities.
  • An inclusive, affirming, and comfortable living environment is contingent upon the effort of all roommates and their guests.
  • Residents assist and support roommates and their guests to maintain a space that is inclusive, affirming, and welcoming.
  • Residents will promote and attempt to use inclusive language within the gender-inclusive unit. This includes referring to others by their personal pronouns.
  • Residents are encouraged to have open dialogue with parent(s) or guardian(s) about their choice to reside in a gender-inclusive unit.
  • Residents understand they will be removed from the environment if they fail to abide by these standards.

How to Participate

Students wishing to live in gender-inclusive rooms, suites, and apartments, can indicate that selection in the housing application.

All new upper-class students may select the GIH option within their housing application and then select and verify roommates based upon other students who selected OCU Housing’s GIH option.

Returning students may select GIH through the room selection process within the following options:

  • Room Retention Pull-In: If a student would like to retain their room, they will need to “pull-in” other students from their mixed-gender roommate group to fill any vacancies in the currently occupied room.
  • Room Selection: Once the room retention phase is over, students will have the opportunity to select a new room. Students can identify their roommate group and select the room with the number of bed spaces, room size, residential community, room type, and price range that fits their needs.

If a student wishes to change rooms or if there is a vacancy in a gender-inclusive unit, there are options to fill the unit. Please contact Housing and Residence Life at [email protected] for any questions.

What is gender-inclusive housing?

Gender-inclusive housing assignments refer to a housing option in which two or more students mutually agree to share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, suite, or apartment regardless to assigned sex, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

Why does Oklahoma City University offer gender-inclusive housing?

Gender-inclusive housing was developed to enhance the residential living experience by allowing students to live in residence hall rooms, suites, and apartments with the individuals with whom they feel most comfortable. This policy will contribute to a campus climate that is supportive of all students.

Who is eligible for gender-inclusive housing?

Upper-class students, graduate students, and professional students are eligible to participate in gender-inclusive housing through room retention, selection, room changes, and direct swap processes. Only students who choose to live in gender-inclusive assignments will be assigned to these spaces.

In general, first-year students are not eligible to participate in this program. However, OCU Housing works with first-year transgender and non-binary students, on an individual basis to identify accommodations.

Which residences will be available for gender-inclusive housing?

All upperclass student residence halls and apartments are utilized for those eligible for gender-inclusive housing. These communities are Methodist Hall, Draper Hall, and Cokesbury Apartments.

Who will my roommate be?

Roommates can be selected through the Housing Application within the online housing portal. Students who select to live in gender-inclusive housing will appear in the roommate search section.

How can a room be changed to become gender-inclusive?

Rooms can become gender-inclusive rooms through the posted room change process overview.

Will students be randomly assigned to Gender-Inclusive Housing?

No. Students will not be assigned to a gender-inclusive room, suite, or apartment without their request. Gender-inclusive housing is optional and students must expressly state their desire for this option on their housing application via the online housing portal.

What if a student no longer wants to live in gender-inclusive housing?

Students who no longer wish to live in gender-inclusive housing may request a room change at any time directly through the “Room Change Request form” in the online housing portal. All room change requests are subject to availability of space and a change in residence halls, apartments, or room types may result in a change in the room and/or dining rates.

What if a vacancy occurs in a gender-inclusive room?

If a vacancy occurs during the year, the existing resident(s) are encouraged to find a roommate agreeable to living in a GIH space. University Housing and Residential Life will work with current occupants to identify other solutions. Housing and Residence Life may re-designate the room as gender-specific if no students can be identified to fill the GIH vacancy.

Will parents be notified if their student chooses gender-inclusive housing?

OCU Housing and Residence Life communicates assignment information directly to residential students. Students are always encouraged to communicate with their families regarding their housing options and preferences.

How will bathroom access in Gender-Inclusive apartments and suites be managed?

Students who live together in GIH apartments and suites will discuss and determine how to manage and share their bathroom(s).

Can students live with someone with whom they are in a romantic relationship?

Yes, OCU Housing and Residence Life does not collect relationship status. Before signing up for this option, students should fully consider this decision and potential next steps if the relationship should end.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Please contact a Housing and Residence Life Staff member at 405-208-6363 or [email protected].

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