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Laundry Services

Doing laundry on campus is quick, easy, and convenient within our laundry facilities and an online monitoring system. Laundry machines in all residence halls and apartments are free to use and do not require payment to wash or dry.

Check Your Laundry Status

Laundry View is an online laundry monitor that allows users to check the status of machines at any time. Laundry View also offers text alerts. Laundry machines will send a message notification to users when the wash/dry cycle is complete.

How to sign up for Notifications

On the Laundry Room webpage for your residence hall or apartment click on the notification button in the top right-hand corner. Enter your phone number and then click on the machine to turn the notification. Once your cycle has ended you will receive a text message to your mobile device.

Laundry Tips

Read clothing tags for the care of your items.

Use “HE” (high efficiency) liquid soap. Powdered soap is not recommended.

Avoid overloading the machine. If you have to forcefully push clothes into the machine, that would be considered overloading. Overloading prevents your clothes from being thoroughly washed and can extend drying times.

Please remove your laundry promptly after each wash and dry cycle, so that others may use the machines.

Double-check your pockets. Items like ink pens and electronics do not do well in laundry equipment. Small items may damage the machine or your clothing.

Do NOT dry shoes or oversized bedding in the dryers.

Reporting Issues with a washer or dryer

Smartphone users can download the CSC Service Works App and scan the barcode or enter the machine number to instantly submit a service request.

Submit a work order for the specific machine number in School Dude. Please click HERE to learn how to put in a work order.

Call (877)-264-6622 to speak with a customer service representative to report any issues.

Choose your residential community below to check on the availability and usage.

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