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Standards of Conduct

Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy Section I, Standards of Conduct

Oklahoma City University is intended to be a safe environment free from alcohol and other drugs. The university recognizes that the use of alcohol and illegal drugs diminishes the strength and vitality of human resources and the integrity of the institution. It is the intent of the University to educate students about the risks associated with drugs and alcohol along with skills to help maintain a safe student experience.

For these reasons, and in compliance with the Drug-free Schools and Communities Act, Oklahoma City University strictly forbids the use and/or distribution of alcohol and/or other drugs on campus. Any student found using or distributing alcohol and/or other drugs on campus, in on-campus housing, or during campus-sponsored activities will face disciplinary action by the administration, including but not limited to a mandatory drug assessment, referral for counseling, and/or treatment as recommended by a University- approved counselor or counseling service, and/or suspension or expulsion.

Drug and Alcohol Dependency Testing

The University may require any student who is reasonably suspected of drug use to undergo drug testing. Any drug tests required will be conducted by a state certified laboratory during or immediately following regular working or classroom hours. The tests will be paid for by the University. Any student who requests a retest of a sample in order to challenge the results of a positive test is required to pay all costs of additional tests.

The University may also require a drug and alcohol dependency evaluation with either an in-house or contracted program that provides substance abuse counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation. A “Release-Of-Information” form provided by the University must be signed by the student prior to any referral for testing or counseling. Students receiving sanctions requiring treatment may use any other certified program. In any case, a student must provide proof of treatment before consideration is given to his or her reinstatement.

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