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IX. Student Organizations

Engage is the gateway for all students to get involved and connected at Oklahoma City University. It is an online community where you can connect to student organizations and find out what is happening on campus.

Engage helps students streamline their involvement by organizing, managing, and communicating with other members of an organization all in one place. It also allows students to keep an official record of involvement, create an ePortfolio, and utilize a personal calendar of events or a virtual to-do list.

It allows student organizations to do many things including: manage records, store and share important documents, communicate with members, plan and publicize events, track service hours, keep a log of past officers for reference purposes, post pictures, complete organization surveys, announce meeting schedules, post event information, and track meeting attendance.

For more details on how to use Engage, follow this link.

Click here to go to Engage and use your BlueLink ID and password to login. New users will need to complete the basic profile information.

Engage Assistance

Contact the Office of Student Engagement by email [email protected] or visit the Involved Center, Room 114 of the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center for assistance and Engage training.

Student organizations are vital to building a vibrant campus life at Oklahoma City University. OCU strongly encourages students to explore the many diverse offerings of student organizations available on campus. All student organizations must be consistent with the University’s mission. It is always advised to check that an organization you desire to create does not already exist at Oklahoma City University.

Click here to check current organizations.

If interested in forming a new organization follow these steps:

1. In order to apply, you must have at least 3 interested students, a faculty or staff Advisor, and an organization constitution. One student must serve as the President or primary contact and another as treasurer. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will result in a delay this includes (failure to complete an accurate constitution).

2. Once you have the above information; an interested student or staff member will visit Engage to complete the application.

a. Be sure to log in in the upper right corner of the screen, then visit the “organizations” tab.

b. On the left-hand side there will be an option to “register an organization”.

3. Once the application is submitted, a staff member from the Office of Student Engagement will review the documents and set-up a meeting with the student leader(s) to finalize the registration process and review the Registered Student Organization Handbook and resources. Depending on the time of year the application is submitted, the review process may take multiple weeks to complete.

Annual Re-Registration of Student Organizations

Every fall student organizations must re-register. The re-registration process requires each organization to update their contact information, governing documents, and membership roster.

Through the re-registration process, organizations will be updated on the policies and procedures in the Registered Student Organization Handbook and any additional information deemed necessary by the Office of Student Engagement. Instructions for re-registration will be sent out at the beginning of the fall semester.

Forming a Religious Student Organization

All student religious groups must agree to abide by the Ethical Framework for Religious Life at OCU.

Ethical Framework for Religious Life at OCU

  • Collegiality: OCU recognizes the diversity of religious beliefs present in society and on campus. This has the potential to enrich the life of our community and the lives of each individual. A positive environment grows from mutual respect and a common understanding. All student groups and religious organizations recognize that they are guests of the university and that their ability to operate on campus is a privilege. As such, all groups agree to abide by the ethical parameters of the university, partially outlined here. Any group that violates these guidelines, in the opinion of the University-Church Relations (UCR) staff, will forfeit their privilege to continue their ministry on campus.
  • Accountability: All student religious groups must be associated with an organization with clear lines of accountability. Christian denominations and local houses of worship usually have boards or administrators who oversee such groups. Independent religious organizations may have a board of directors that serve a similar function.
  • Personal Freedom: All religious groups will respect each person’s decision to believe, or not believe, any particular teaching or idea. A student must be able to freely participate in or to leave a religious group without being subject to harassment or shame. Religious groups will not encourage the alienation of any student from established friends and family. OCU religious groups should strive for a campus climate that honors the personal independence of each person, encourages open exploration, stimulates intellectual as well as spiritual inquiry, and supports the university’s devotion to truthfulness and the search for knowledge.
  • Inclusiveness and Identity: Student religious groups must be open to general participation by any interested student. They may, however, specify requirements for holding a leadership position and/or participating in a particular religious ritual. OCU will not tolerate abuse of any kind, verbal, written, or physical, harassment, intimidation, or the denigration of another person on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, etc.
  • Support of the University’s Mission: All religious groups must promote the academic and program missions of OCU. They will not engage in any action that would place undue financial pressure on students or be demanding of their time so as to compromise their studies.
  • Solicitation: All publicity distributed by religious groups will conform to the policies of the University, including bearing the approval stamp from UCR. General solicitation of students is limited to specific areas and times that must be preapproved by the Director of University Church Relations and Religious Life and the Dean of Students Office. Group members may make themselves available at these events and may respond when approached by interested persons but they may not actively pursue making the initial contact.
  • Respecting privacy within university residence halls: When desiring to share their faith commitment with students in residence halls, religious group participants should avoid invading or intruding upon the privacy of those students–whether through such means as personal visit, telephone, email, social networking sites, or mail–unless they have been asked by a student to make contact. They may not canvass, approach, or visit an entire residence hall or floor. They may not randomly visit student rooms where no prior relationship has existed, even when the door to a student’s room is left open. They may not place publicity or solicitations on a general, random basis on or under the door of students’ rooms.

  • Funding from Student Senate Legislation: Any student organization may receive funding from the Student Senate through a bill. The student organization must have a Student Senator author a bill that specifies the purpose and amount of funding requested.
  • Organizational Allotments: In addition to legislation, registered student organizations are eligible to receive funding through Organizational Allotments each semester. Organizational Allotments are determined by the Joint Committee on Organizational Allotments whose members include elected representatives from Prexie Club as well as members of the SGA. The Joint Committee on Organizational Allotments reviews all Organizational Allotment applications and makes a recommendation to the Student Senate on how the allotments are allocated.
  • To receive an update on your Organization's Account Balance email [email protected]

On Campus Student Organization Accounts: Any Registered Student Organization will receive information for an on-campus account two to three weeks after their organization is approved and reviewed. All registered student organizations must have a student organization account with the University in order to receive funds from the OCU Student Government Association. Account balances can be checked by emailing [email protected].

Dues: Student organizations may require their members to pay membership dues. Dues help student organizations to maintain a consistent funding source. This is especially important because the Student Government Association’s ability to distribute grants may vary from year to year. If a student organization collects dues the funds must be deposited into their student organization account. Registered Student Organizations that collect dues may have their members pay in cash or check.

To deposit funds into your Student Organizations account, complete this form and turn it in to Student Accounts Located on the 3rd floor of the Administration building.

Registered Student Organization Account

On Campus Student Organization Accounts: Any Registered Student Organization will receive information for an on-campus account two to three weeks after their organization is approved and reviewed. Account balances can be checked by emailing [email protected].

All registered student organizations must have a student organization account with the University in order to receive funds from the OCU Student Government Association. Each Registered Student Organization’s president, treasurer and advisor should be allowed to manage financial transactions on behalf of the organization.

Accessing Student Organization Funds

Student organizations have two methods for using the funds available in their on-campus student organization account.

Petty Cash for amounts up to $250: Financial designee’s of an organization may obtain petty cash for up to $250 per day.

  1. Petty Cash Vouchers are available on Engage or in the Office of Student Engagement, Room 114 of the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center. All Petty Cash forms must be signed by your on-campus advisor or a member of the Office of Student Engagement.
  2. Completed petty cash vouchers can be turned into Student Financial Services, located in room 340 of the Administration Building.
  3. All receipts (must be itemized) and unused funds for purchases made with petty cash must be turned in to Student Financial Services within one week of receiving the petty cash. If Itemized receipts are not returned, then the amount of petty cash will be charged to the student or organization that received the cash.

Reimbursement: Students who make purchases using personal funds on behalf of a Registered Student Organization may be reimbursed.

  1. Students must verify they have the funds available in their account prior to spending. Email [email protected] to verify. This process may take up to five business days.
  2. Students must have itemized receipts and complete a Petty Cash Voucher form. The Petty Cash Voucher forms are available on Engage or in the Office of Student Engagement, Room 114 of the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center. All Petty Cash forms must be signed by your on-campus advisor or a member of the Office of Student Engagement.
  3. Once the itemized receipt(s) and Petty Cash form are submitted, the student will be reimbursed with a check from the student organization’s account or via direct deposit to their personal checking account if the account information is on file with the University.
  4. Reimbursements typically require at least two weeks for processing.

Purchases over $250:

  1. Student organizations may on occasion need to make purchases over $250. Before you agree to a purchase you must have verified your on campus account balance and have your advisor’s approval to move forward with the purchase. Invoices will not be approved to be paid if your organization does not have sufficient funds.
  2. In order to approve and pay the invoice, it must be directly emailed or mailed to accounts payable.

Inactive Student Organization Funds

Funds held in organization accounts where the student organization has been inactive for four or more semesters may be transferred for other uses to benefit the student body at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students.

Catering Reservations

Oklahoma City University Campus Dining manages all catering at the University. Oklahoma City University Campus Dining caters for any event from a continental breakfast or roll-in luncheon to formal receptions, dinners, gala celebrations, and social affairs. For catering needs, contact the Catering Booking Assistant at 405-208-5512 at least two weeks before the event.

Student Life Weekly Email Requests

Oklahoma City University gives student organizations the opportunity to let the campus community know about upcoming events through the OCU Student Engagement Weekly email. This comprehensive email is sent out every Wednesday. In order to obtain approval to be included in the weekly email, all requests must be sent in by Tuesdays at 5PM.

Click here to access the form

Renting Student Life Equipment

Student Organizations are encouraged to do everything possible to make events fun and exciting for participants. Student Life gives students the opportunity to enhance events by renting out several exciting items, including: a popcorn machine, pop-up tent, a snow cone machine, Bluetooth speaker, yard games, and card swiper.

In order to obtain any of the items, click here to access and fill out the Student Life Equipment Usage form. This form must be completed and submitted 7 days prior to the requested rental date. Your request may not be approved if you fail to submit your request a week in advance.

Organizations that fail to clean or return the equipment in working condition are subject to fines.

Booking Space

School dude info: Space on campus is in high demand, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible. Event organizers (this includes faculty, staff and students) are expected to make requests for space at least 15 days in advance of the event. The University Center Management reserves the right to deny requests not submitted within this time.

1. Visit MySchoolBuilding at https://login.myschoolbuilding...

  • If you have not previously submitted a request, register your account using the Organization Account number: 746615915
  • Enter your email address and click “Submit”

2. Select the grey “Schedule Request”. There are several schedule options:

  • Normal Schedule for an event that is one day, or consecutive days in one room.
  • Recurring Schedule for an event that is daily, weekly, or monthly in the same room each time.
  • Irregular Schedule is for an event that is for one day, or consecutive dates in multiple

3. Fill out all the information required including event title, location, date and times.

  • Once you have chosen a location and a date check to see if your space is available by clicking the grey “Check Availability” button below the dates box.
  • Make sure you indicate setup and breakdown times.
  • Enter the organization's contact information so those involved know who to contact for
    questions or concerns regarding a request.

4. If there is anything you need such as tables, chairs, sound system, or food for you event fill out the “Setup Requirements” portion.

  • Check the box of each requirement, and list the exact items you will need.
  • For example, if you need tables and chairs for an event you would check “Event Setup” and write “13 round tables, and 100 chairs” in the white box.
  • Fill out the “Number Attending” portion and any other needs for the event.
  • Enter the password “gostars” and click "Save"

The Oklahoma City University Student Government Association (OCU-SGA) represents and advocates for all OCU students. The OCU-SGA provides a voice for students by participating in the development of University policy, creating dynamic social programming, and enhancing the overall student experience at OCU.

The OCU-SGA is made up of three integrated branches:

  • Executive: The SGA President manages the executive functions of the OCU-SGA with the help of the Executive Cabinet. The SGA President is the chief advocate for student friendly policies at the University. The President represents students on numerous University committees that cover critical university functions including General Education, Student Retention, Diversity, and most importantly the Oklahoma City University Board of Trustees. Aside from advocacy, the Executive Cabinet administers the finances and marketing of the SGA.
  • Legislative: The Student Senate is the legislative branch of the OCU-SGA. Student Senators are elected each year to be the chief representative voice of the student body. The Student Senate writes legislation that expresses student needs as well as funding student programming and organizations. The Student Senate consists of 24 members that are elected based on class or academic major.
  • Judicial: The Student Court is the judicial branch of the OCU-SGA. The Student Court interprets all OCU-SGA documents. and settles cases under its jurisdiction. The Student Court handles all student traffic appeals at the University. The Student Court consists of five members that may include undergraduate, graduate, and law students.

Location: Room 113 in the Tom and Brenda McDaniel University Center

Phone : (405) 208-5221

Click here to view the OCU-SGA section in Engage.

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