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Students of Arts Management

Students of Arts Management (SAM) was created in 1993 by a group of graduate and undergraduate arts management students for the purposes of enhancing professional knowledge, encouraging professionalism, networking with arts management professionals, and creating a community of students interested in management careers in the performing arts and entertainment industries.

This organization contacts industry experts and coordinates meetings, panel discussions and entertainment industry conferences facilitating the opportunities for you to be introduced to the wide and varied professionals in entertainment. Guests have included producers, designers, talent agents, film executives, event coordinators, executive directors of nonprofit performing arts organizations, stage managers, performers, casting agents, writers, tour managers, business executives, chamber of commerce representatives, government officials, museum and gallery owners and directors, marketing specialists, public relations specialists, bankers, image developers, board of director members, and certified meeting and special event professionals.

The organization coordinates workshops, seminars and focus groups to study industry trends, professional expectations and consumer issues. The purpose of these activities is to bring the professional world of the entertainment life style to the forefront for meaningful discussion. SAM is responsible for producing the school’s "Tribute to the Stars" Awards Banquet at the end of every year. This is comparable to a “red carpet” awards program that you might see on television. It is fully designed, written, fundraised and produced by the students. SAM meets regularly during the school year. Activities include:

  • Guest expert speakers from various entertainment fields
  • Workshops on professional development
  • Seminars on business comportment
  • Focus group discussions on entertainment trends and issues
  • Panel discussions on the value and availability of internships in the arts and entertainment
  • Fundraising activities to support SAM activities and projects
  • Educational trips to "entertainment hot spots" throughout the country
  • Networking is an integral part of this degree program and a pivotal element in the proven success of our students

Students of Arts Management Executive Committee 2023-2024



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