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School of Visual + Media Arts

The School of Visual + Media Arts combines the faculty expertise and professional facilities of the departments of Film, Game Design & Animation, Mass Communications, and Studio Art & Graphic Design to provide students with a uniquely cross-disciplinary learning environment. SVMA also provides Oklahoma City University and the entire Oklahoma City area with much-needed sites of gathering for art-making, interpretation, and appreciation.

  • By combining the diverse approaches within visual and media arts disciplines, SVMA locates its coursework and co-curricular activities at the intersection of traditional techniques, strategic thinking, and cutting-edge technologies. 
  • Students apply and hone the skills of their craft through a hands-on process of creation, workshopping, revision, and publication--all while mentored by faculty members who are practicing artists and professionals. 
  • Collaborative, experiential learning is supplemented by theoretical and historical courses that prepare students to understand how their work can impact and serve their local and global communities. 
  • Because SVMA is not merely a job skills training program, graduates of SVMA are prepared to broaden the scope of how their creativity can be applied and, therefore, become innovators and leaders in the fields of their choice.

You Qualify for Financial Aid

If you have a 3.0 GPA or higher, you may qualify for Academic Scholarships from $8,000–$13,000 per year.


School of Visual + Media Arts
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