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Admissions and scholarships

Art Department admissions

The classes are informal yet challenging. The programs reflect our strong belief in art fundamentals: mastery of drawing skills and the elements and principles of design. We provide students with an understanding of art theory, art history, and contemporary issues that are all necessary for the creation of contemporary art. The department also recognizes the strength of exploration in the process of solving appropriate problems and challenges. This program allows students to ultimately focus on a specific area of study within their chosen discipline.

Prospective students must meet the requirements for admission to the university prior to consideration for acceptance into the School of Visual Arts.

The School of Visual Art at Oklahoma City University encourages all students interested in applying to either program to submit a portfolio. All portfolios submitted will be evaluated by the faculty for scholarship consideration. To apply to Oklahoma City University, visit here.

Studio Art and Design portfolio

Students interested in the BA in Studio Art and Design should submit a portfolio along with the admissions materials required by the university.

  • A portfolio of original artwork with 8-15 images of your work. It’s great to see drawings from observation, and imaginative work, along with any painting, photography, or graphic design.
  • Please submit this via email.

Students interested in the BFA in Film Production should submit a portfolio along with the admissions materials already requested by the university. The portfolio is not a condition of admission, but it is used to determine eligibility for talent-based scholarships worth up to $5,000 per year.

We want to get to know you better and one way to do that is to consider the work you’re already making. Please consider the portfolio an opportunity to show us where you're coming from in terms of storytelling and filmmaking technique, even if you've never taken a class in film or video production in high school.

You should submit only one of the following:

Filmmaking reel

Provide up to 5 minutes of film/video/motion projects you've worked on along with a brief written explanation (150 words) of your role in the production(s). You could submit a short film you've made or selections from several projects — just be sure to stick to the 5-minute maximum running time for the entire reel. Projects can be live-action or animation.

The reel and explanation should be submitted using email. If you have any questions about the guidelines for the portfolio, please email us.


Still photography/artwork

Provide a set of up to 12 images that showcase your photographic and/or artistic skills. The images should be selected and arranged to tell a story or follow some other organizational principle. A brief written explanation (150 words) of the project should be included as well.

The images and explanations should be submitted using email. If you have any questions about the guidelines for the portfolio, please email us.

Scholarships and financial aid

Promising high school graduates with demonstrated artistic ability who intend to major in art may also be eligible for Art Department scholarships.

Scholarships for art majors are available from a variety of sources including the Norick Family Scholarship in Art. These awards are based on portfolio review, latest high school GPA, ACT scores and personal interviews. Portfolios may be mailed or brought to the Norick Art Center during three annual spring portfolio review days. Original artwork is preferred; however, slides or digital images are acceptable. Scholarships are awarded by a consensus of the Art Department faculty.

More than 91% of OCU students receive financial assistance. The university awards more than $10 million in academic, merit and talent-based scholarships. In addition, you may receive private scholarships, grants, loans and part-time campus employment. We will work with you and your family to design a financial aid package that allows you to get an Oklahoma City University education.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid for a full list of resources

Apply today!

For general admission information, please contact Undergraduate Admissions at 405-208-5050.

For information regarding the Art Department or a portfolio review, please contact 405-208-5226.

You can also apply online and view detailed admissions information.

Submit your portfolio here.

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