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Your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a quick personal 'sales pitch' that can be used anywhere! Whether at a job interview or a networking event, you will need to answer the question: "Tell me about yourself…"

Remember your next opportunity is just around the corner, career fairs, social gatherings or…riding in an elevator.

How to develop your pitch

Who are you?

Supply them with your name and something that sets you apart from other students and establishes a connection (An athlete, veteran, same home town etc)

Your career interest or goals?

The career path you have chosen or your major are simple but crucial pieces of information to supply. This will allow someone else to help you make connections with a professional who shares your interests and expand your network. 

How you are further pursuing this interest?

Mention the steps you are taking to invest in your career goals, specific coursework, job shadowing, and informational interviews.  You don't just want to be a teacher - You are currently taking early childhood development classes and work part-time at the ABC school as a tutor and after-school activity coach.

Why you are qualified?

Talk about your leadership, campus activities, volunteer work, skills, strengths, and achievements.

Make a request for a connection or ask a question

Inquire if you can meet with them for coffee to find out more about their organization or ask them if they could give you the name of the person who runs the internship program at their company. Get a business card and offer yours!

Tip: It is great to think this through and even write it out, but don't forget to practice this out loud with someone! Otherwise, you will come off stiff and rehearsed, like you are reading from a script.

Sample Pitch

  1. Hello my name is  ____ and I am completing a degree in ______ at Oklahoma City University.
  2. I am interested in a position or career in _______ in the ______ industry.
  3. I have been involved in (university/community activities) ________,
  4. and developed skill in _________.  I have also worked as a ______ intern with ________. This experience really helped me further define my goals and I discovered that I really enjoy ______.
  5. Could you tell me more about/or how to ___________.

"Hi, my name is Annie Stoodentin and I'm a first year student at OCU. I am majoring in Computer Science and to gain experience, I have been working at Staples for the past year in their computer and tech servicing department. I have a lot of patience when explaining technology to people and am skilled at solving various complex technical issues. I would love to find a position within a corporation or higher education. Could you recommend someone in the industry I might speak with?"

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