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C. Strategic Plan Framework - Focus Areas

1. Student Success

Oklahoma City University will prepare students for lifelong success in career and service: in the classroom, in experiential learning opportunities that connect students to practitioners, in co-curricular experiences, and in development of professional relationships on- and off-campus.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Recruit and retain academically qualified students who are demographically and financially diverse
  • Develop educational opportunities for our students with alumni, corporations, nonprofits, and government
  • Develop new, fiscally responsible academic programs that enhance students’ lifelong success and meet community demand
  • Develop and support an active career services function for each college, school, and program

2. Learning and Living Infrastructure

Oklahoma City University will be a vibrant and safe learning and living campus.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop and maintain functional and attractive student housing and recreational facilities with programming and spaces designed to encourage and support learning
  • Develop and maintain learning spaces where students and faculty interact and collaborate at the highest levels of academic and artistic excellence
  • Develop and maintain the appearance, functionality, and safety of the entire campus
  • Enable innovative and effective educational delivery by providing leading-edge technology and services

3. Culture of Excellence

Oklahoma City University will foster a culture that supports a diverse, collaborative, innovative, and creative faculty, staff, and administration who are strategic, pragmatic, and fiscally responsible.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Attract and support skilled, talented, and effective faculty and staff
  • Develop and maintain a culture that encourages and supports creativity, innovation, collaboration, and diversity
  • Develop and maintain an entrepreneurial culture that rewards strategic, pragmatic, and fiscally responsible processes and decisions

4. Engaged Community and Service

As Oklahoma City’s university, we will serve our local communities and expand our national and global engagement.

Strategic Initiatives

a. Explore and purposefully expand our role as an integral component of Oklahoma City, interwoven into the fabric of the city’s communities

b. Improve the visibility of the university’s presence in, service to, and positive impact on the local, national, and global communities

c. Create an atmosphere where our alumni can continually engage with the university academically, artistically, professionally, socially, and in service.

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