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Dance Admission and Scholarship Auditions

Interested dancers wishing to be considered for admission to the dance program and a dance scholarship should register for the Dance at Oklahoma City University! Admission & Scholarship Audition held three times a year.

Whether you audition in-person or by video, you will receive the same consideration for admission as a dance major and dance talent scholarship award. There is no advantage or disadvantage to you for auditioning by the method you choose.

To be eligible for an on-campus audition, you will need to be fully vaccinated for COVID. While on campus and auditioning, you will be required to wear a mask. Details related to COVID mitigation protocols and requirements will be provided upon registration.

All auditions have closed for the Fall 2022 academic year, but if you are interested in our rolling audition process, contact Danielle Shipley at

Audition Overview


  • Learn about our career-oriented program that offers the opportunity to study tap, jazz, and ballet with an emphasis in theater dance while working toward a Bachelor of Performing Arts in dance performance, a Bachelor of Science in dance management or a Bachelor of Science in American Dance Pedagogy degree.
  • Audition for admission to the dance program and a scholarship if you are a high school senior or transfer student.
  • Learn about The American Spirit Dance Company.
  • Meet our faculty of nationally recognized performers and choreographers.

Parents & Teachers:

  • Attend information sessions to learn about exciting things happening in dance at Oklahoma City University’s Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment.

Eligibility Requirements for all auditions.

To be eligible to register for the dance program auditions or video submissions, auditioners must FIRST apply for admission academically to Oklahoma City University.


Students (domestic or international) must have at least one of the following:

  • ACT composite score of 21 or above
  • SAT composite score of 1060 or above
  • A minimum of a 3.33 GPA as calculated by Oklahoma City University admissions.

** An ACT or SAT score is preferred.

*** Auditioners do not have to wait for an official response from Oklahoma City University in order to register auditions.

Transfer Students:

During the academic admission process, transcripts of transfer students will be evaluated to determine students' eligibility to register for the audition. Transfer students with less than 27 completed semester credit hours of academic courses must have qualifying ACT or SAT scores as described above for entering freshmen and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.

Transfer students for all degree programs with over 26 completed semester credit hours of academic courses must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

If you have questions about submitting transcripts, please contact Danielle at or 405-208-5644.

Updates to Audition Opportunities/Guidelines for Fall 2022 Admission

Audition opportunities have been UPDATED AND EXPANDED to serve the needs of dancers with various schedules and planning needs. Please read the guidelines for each audition to find the best fit for you.

October and January are Early Decision/Early Commitment (non-binding until May 1) auditions. If dancers are accepted through the October or January audition, the dancers will have an early deadline to accept their position/scholarship. Dancers who accept their position/scholarship may release their position/scholarship prior to May 1.

The March audition has a deadline of May 1 to accept any position/scholarship offers. Dancers selected through the March audition are encouraged to accept their position/scholarship sooner than May 1 to facilitate fall 2022 course enrollment which begins in April.