Stain Glass view from inside the Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel

The Wimberly School of Religion

The mission of the Wimberly School of Religion is to offer religious and theological studies in the United Methodist tradition that unite knowledge and vital piety, explore questions of meaning and value for the lives of all persons, and prepare persons seeking to enter a variety of vocations in service to the church and community.

As a professional school, the Wimberly School of Religion plays the dual role of preparing persons for service in the church and community, while at the same time engaging the total student body in the serious study of religion for its own sake through the university’s General Education curriculum.

The curriculum of the Wimberly School of Religion focuses on basic studies of the faith, values, history, and sacred texts in both western and eastern religious traditions. The aim of these studies is to develop an understanding of religion and how it relates to various cultures and issues in the modern world.

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