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Private Lesson Tuition & Policies

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Performing Arts Academy – Updated Fall 2021

Individual Instruction

30 Minute Lessons: $30.00 per lesson

45 Minute Lessons: $45.00 per lesson

1 Hour Lessons: $60.00 per lesson

Ensemble Programs (include private lessons and group classes)

30 Minute Lessons: $35.00 per lesson

45 Minute Lessons: $50.00 per lesson

1 Hour Lessons: $65.00 per lesson

Admission and Registration

Students enroll for an entire semester of lessons. New students entering mid-semester register for the remainder of that semester. An annual registration fee of $20 per individual or $30 per family is payable each academic year. Returning students pay this fee each fall. New students pay this fee upon registration, regardless of the semester. Students must return enrollment forms with payment before lessons or classes begin.

Tuition and Payment Plan

Students enroll for the entire semester. A minimum of one month's tuition and fees are required upon enrollment. Tuition must then be paid in full by the 15th of the following month or default into our Monthly Payment Plan. You will receive a monthly bill via email. It is your responsibility to pay by the end of each month.

Credit card payments may be made online, in the cashier's office, or by phone at 405-208-5146. Payments by check or cash (ONLY) are accepted in the Academy office.

Late Fee

If payment is not received by the 15th of each month, a $20 late fee will be placed on your account. This will be charged EACH MONTH there is no payment on the account.

Tuition Discounts

Students enrolled in more than one class or private lesson, or families with more than one member enrolled for lessons or classes will receive a 15% discount. The discount will be taken from the less expensive tuition(s). Oklahoma City University faculty, staff, students, and their immediate family will receive a 10% discount.

Delinquency in Payment

Delinquency in payment of tuition and fees will result in suspension of lessons or classes. Instruction cannot resume until the account is paid in full. Faculty will be notified whenever a student has an outstanding balance and advised to discontinue classes/lessons until the account has been reconciled. Absences due to suspension of lessons because of delinquency in payment are considered unexcused absences and the student is still responsible for payment for these lessons.

Overpayments and Credits

Overpayments or positive balances resulting from withdrawal or change in registration will become an in-house credit for future use. Refunds under $20 will not be processed.

Collection of Delinquent Accounts

If the Performing Arts Academy finds it necessary to employ outside collection services, the party responsible for payment of all academy bills will pay the cost of such services, as well as reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

Returned Checks

Oklahoma City University applies a $30 fee to your account for each returned check or declined credit card. Returned check fees must be paid to the University before your account can be brought current and lessons resume.

Credit Card Fees

Oklahoma City University charges a small fee (2.85%) to pay by credit card. You can pay by electronic check online at no additional cost.

Program Cancellation

The Performing Arts Academy reserves the right to cancel programs with insufficient enrollment. In the event that a class is canceled, you will be notified and given the opportunity to transfer to another class. If you do not enroll in another class, you will receive a full refund.


The Performing Arts Academy has a NO CANCELLATION policy. Students are expected to be present for all classes and lessons for which they are registered. Students who must cancel a lesson should call the Academy office or the teacher at least 24 hours in advance. Notification of inability to attend is a courtesy to the teacher, but does not excuse payment for contracted lessons. For group instruction, class absences may not be made up. When a teacher is absent, the lesson/class will be made up or the student's account will be credited.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal from group class will be prorated until the fourth meeting of the class. After that time, no refunds will be given. Any withdrawal from private instruction must be given in writing with 30 days' notice. Fees will be prorated after the end of the month. Refunds under $20 will not be processed.

Photo Release

You or your child might be photographed at various Academy functions. These photos may be used for publications or on our website. In such cases, there will be no compensation, recognition, or acknowledgment to you.

Policy Revisions

The Oklahoma City University Performing Arts Academy reserves the right to change any published programs, policies, requirements, or regulations.



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