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How Can I Help Myself?

College is a time of self-exploration which can result in new ways of living your life. A new schedule, along with responsibilities and classes, can often call for new ways of doing things.  Flexibility and embracing change can help you to adjust to your new life and also help you to successfully care for yourself.  Some important guidelines to remember:

Prioritize Time for Sleep

As much as possible, work out a good sleep routine.  Turn off all electronics thirty to forty-five minutes prior to falling asleep to help your brain slow down and allow for a restful night.  Late nights will be a reality on occasion, but as often as possible, choose a bedtime that allows for at least seven hours of sleep and stick to it.

Eat Well

The Caf offers a variety of choices for you to achieve your dietary needs, so make it a point to eat every day.  Whether you eat frequent, small meals, or the three square daily, make sure you are getting the nutrients and energy you need to keep going.  That includes dark, leafy greens or an apple or two along with your pizza and soda. It’s all about balance.

Meet and Greet

While there are endless possibilities to get to know other students, it can seem overwhelming to those who are more introverted.  But it is important to get to know at least a few people, whether it’s classmates, club members, or someone you’re sharing a table with in the library.  Making connections with others and feeling as though you are part of a greater community can be very helpful during times of stress.

Ask for What You Need

College may be one of the first times you feel you’ve had a chance to make your own decisions.  This can be intimidating, but learning to use you voice and asking for what you need can help you be successful.  Emailing and talking with your professors is highly encouraged if you are struggling with concepts in class, or even attendance.  Keeping open communication with people in your life can clear confusion and help you achieve your goals.

Seek Student Services

From Counseling to Disability Services along with Student Health, the Fitness Center, and the Learning Enhancement Center there are ways to get even more support and assistance on campus.  Check out the links to get more information.

Disability Resources

The Learning Enhancement Center

The Aduddell Fitness Center

Campus Health Center


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