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Job Offers

Getting any job offer can be very exciting or disappointing if the salary and benefits are less than you were expecting. It is crucial that you understand the details when receiving an offer.

Not sure how to approach a salary negotiation? Contact a career advisor for advice.

Nothing is ever final, unfortunately job offers can be rescinded without cause, although it is fairly uncommon.
Never assume you are getting a certain salary or benefits without getting it in writing!

Always weigh the pros/cons: What are the benefits? Vacation time? Cost of living? Will you have to relocate? Is there an hour commute one-way? Will you have a 401K?

  • Determine what you are willing to accept for compensation, taking into consideration all the factors.
  • Develop your approach and do your research on 'your market value'
  • Know your worth, use the NACE Salary Calculator (link to external website) for reliable salary data
  • Be firm, yet tactful
  • Seek advice, not all industries have the latitude for wide salary negotiations

  • If you are to follow-up verbally with an individual, always include an acceptance or decline of the offer in writing as well.
  • Once you have an accepted an offer in writing, make sure to cancel any pending interviews, and let other employers know that you are no longer available.
  • In an acceptance, reconfirm your start date, salary and any other details previously discussed.
  • If you have an offer and an upcoming interview, you may ask for up to 72 hours to review and consider the offer. Normally employers are agreeable to this, but they may request a
  • 1-2 days turnaround for your decision. 

Sample Accept and Decline Letter (PDF)

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