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Evacuation Procedure

Evacuating Buildings

  1. Faculty who are teaching classes at the time of the emergency are responsible for the orderly evacuation of the class and should be the last one out of the classroom to verify evacuation for responders. 
  2. DO NOT take time to turn off computers, printers, or office lights. Close, but do not lock, your office door.
  3. Exit the building through the closest exit. Do not attempt to use the elevator during an emergency.
  4. All personnel should be familiar with the exit paths for their areas and use the shortest path possible.
  5. Proceed in an orderly manner as quickly as possible to the nearest exit and then to the designated reporting area.
  6. Stay in the designated reporting area until you are instructed to leave. This way an accurate head count can be taken. Faculty and lab assistants are responsible for students.
  7. Upon arrival of University Police, the building coordinator will assist them in whatever manner they request or direct. Oklahoma City Fire personnel and/or the university police will clear the building, checking elevators, areas for the use of the physically disabled, and laboratory areas in the building. 
  8. Silenced emergency alarms DO NOT mean the building is clear and safe to re-enter.  Alarms are silenced so that emergency response personnel are able to communicate with each other. DO NOT RE-ENTER THE BUILDING for any reason until instructed to do so by the fire department or police officials.
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