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Hazardous Materials Spill

All laboratories should be equipped with spill kits for the appropriate materials being used in the laboratory (acids, bases, mercury, etc.).

Suspicious Odors (Indoor Air Quality)

Unusual odors or smells from rooms other than kitchen or bathroom areas should be reported to the Building Coordinator or their backup immediately for Risk Management to evaluate. This is especially true in laboratory, chemical storage or hazardous materials area and buildings.

Do NOT stay in the area! Identify persons who may have been exposed to any dangerous fumes for medical follow-up.

Bench-Top Spills

A bench-top spill is defined as a spill that will not contaminate the water supply, sewer, air handling system, or any other area, is small enough to be easily handled by staff, and there are NOT any injuries. 

Remain calm. Contain the spill with absorbent pillows. 

Consult the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). 

If you are familiar with handling the spilled reagent, obtain the proper spill kit and follow the directions that are with the spill kit.

Notify the Lab Director for the laboratory.

Dispose of all adsorbent according to the Oklahoma Department Environmental Quality requirements. If you are not familiar with the spilled reagents or you do not feel comfortable cleaning up the spill, follow instructions for large spills.    

Large Spills

A large spill is defined as a spill that may contaminate the water supply, sewer, air handling system, or any other area; is too large to be easily handled by staff; and/or there are injuries. 

Remain calm. Only if there is NO immediate danger; call 5911/911 and have the following information available for the dispatcher:

  • where the spill occurred;
  • what was spilled;
  • how much was spilled;
  • when the spill occurred; and
  • if there are any injuries.

If calling 911 from a cell phone, the call will go to the Oklahoma City Police Dispatch Center. Immediately identify your location as at OCU and you will be transferred to OCUPD Dispatch. To reach the University Police Department directly from a cell phone, call 405-208-5911.

Remember to call the Lab Director for the laboratory.    

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