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Student Quick Start Guide

Here is what students need to know to get up and running with IT services quickly.

  1. Know your network and email accounts. These are essential to access online resources.  Do not forget to setup your password recover questions and answers for both sets of credentials.
  2. Opt-in to Blue Alert for emergency notifications.  This is highly recommended to insure you receive any emergency alert texts from the university to your mobile phone.
  3. Configure wireless access on your mobile devices.  Use your network account to configure access to the wireless network from your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or any other wireless device.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Install the latest version of Microsoft Office on your devices.  Office is free for students and contains many useful productivity tools ideal for course work.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Get acquainted with OneDrive cloud storage.  It is highly recommended students consider cloud storage services such as OneDrive to store their important files.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Setup your email applications to access your university email. Follow these instructions if you wish to retrieve your university email to an email client such as Outlook, the mail app on your mobile device, or other similar email clients.
  7. (OPTIONAL) Configure Mobile Printing on your mobile devices.  This is a great service to send print jobs from any of your devices to the university printers and copiers.
  8. Know your options for technical support.  Campus Technology Services is here to support the technical needs of our students.
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