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Motorist Assistance

Call OKCU Police at 208-5001

  • Battery jumps
  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Flat tires
  • Out of gas

Crime Prevention Tips

  • Call 208-5001 for safety escorts.
  • OCU Police provides off campus escorts to approved apartments close to OCU.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended at anytime.
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Jog in the interior of the campus.
  • If you are at a party, never leave sight of your drink as someone could put something in it (like date rape drugs).
  • Report all suspicious persons, unattended vehicles, solicitors, packages, and mail by calling 208-5911.
  • If you are without your cell phone, use the emergency blue phones for immediate help.

OCU Police will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of any crime or incident including threats of (or actual) violence and of suspicious individuals or activities. The identity of the reporting party will be protected to the greatest extent possible.

Anyone determined to be responsible for criminal activity or any other conduct that is in violation of university policies will be subject to prompt disciplinary action, up to and including, suspension or dismissal from the University with the possibility of criminal charges being filed with the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office.

If you or someone on campus is experiencing a medical emergency, call 208-5911 or 911 from any phone on campus immediately! Do not hesitate. Take action, even if in doubt! Start CPR if the person is not breathing and has no pulse! Have someone get the nearest AED immediately!

  • OCU Police Department will come to your location to assist you and assist local emergency responders find your location.
  • Response time for EMSA or Oklahoma City Fire Department may be as little as 3 to 5 minutes since OCU is located very close to 2 fire stations.
  • It is absolutely free for community emergency responders to come to the University. There is no charge or penalty to the University!
  • Ambulance personnel will provide minor injury care at no charge if the patient is not experiencing a medical emergency and/or transported.
  • If the person is unconscious, having difficulty breathing or chest pain, is bleeding profusely, is in severe pain or is medically unstable, the paramedics will assess, stabilize and transport the person to a local hospital.
  • The Oklahoma City University Police Department will not transport patients to medical facilities.

Locations of Automated External Defibrillators on campus

  1. OCU Police vehicle
  2. Law School – lower floor near restrooms and stairway
  3. Law Library – west wall across from circulation desk
  4. Student Health clinic – main hallway across from patient exam rooms
  5. Freede – west hallway across from check-in desk
  6. Freede – athletic training room
  7. Meinders School of Business (2) – first floor near elevator and third floor north access wing)
  8. Administration Bldg. - north hallway first floor near water fountain
  9. Ann Lacy School of Dance and Arts Management – main level, mid-hall, near door to stairway
  10. McDaniel University Center – main level, on wall outside cafeteria
  11. Dulaney-Browne library – north wall behind circulation desk
  12. Loeffler – main level, next to women’s restroom
  13. Physical Plant – in engineering office
  14. Kramer School of Nursing – main hallway, near entry
  15. Walker Center – first floor, near room 151
  16. Bishop W. Angie Smith Chapel – main level, near chapel office
  17. Wanda L. Bass Music Center – first floor, near family restroom
  18. Ann Lacy Visitor’s Center – first floor, near reception desk
  19. Oklahoma United Methodist Hall Residence Hall (4) – on each level, east end, near fire extinguisher
  20. Smith Residence Hall (1) – Lounge, first level, near fire extinguisher
  21. Banning Residence Hall (1)- Lounge, first level, near fire extinguisher
  22. Walker Residence Hall (2) – First floor, across from reception desk and Fourth Floor, near RA quarters
  23. Adudell Workout Center next to Centennial Hall – across from check-in desk
  24. Cokesbury Apartments – Clubhouse entryway

  • The Student Health Clinic is open 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please verify a provider is available via the web site or by contacting the clinic at (405) 208-5090.
  • If there is a true medical emergency, contact 911 as described above immediately!
  • An injured or ill person who can stand and is alert should be brought to the clinic for treatment. This is the best place to provide care for reasons of privacy as well as availability of supplies. The student health clinic is located in Kramer West at the southeast corner of NW 27th St. and Florida Ave.
  • Student Health Clinic staff will coordinate all public health emergencies, including pandemic or viral illnesses, potentially problematic skin infections (such as MRSA) or others as identified.
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