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Immunity Tests

Blood Tests to Determine Immunity

If you think you've been vaccinated but you're not sure, or if you know you've been vaccinated but don't have documentation, a simple blood test can determine exactly what you're immune to.

The following blood tests (titer tests) are available through Family Healthcare and Minor Emergency Clinic at OCU to students who need proof of having had successful vaccination or immunity provided by disease when no medical records exist. Test results proving immunity will comply with University policy and Oklahoma state statutes regarding immunizations.

Testing can be drawn by appointment only at OCU Student Health Clinic for a one-time $5 draw fee.

Blood is sent to Regional Medical Laboratory for testing. Most results are available within 3-4 business days or sooner.

The student will be sent a Secure Message to his/her student email account with the results as soon as all results are back from the lab.

MMR Immunity: If you don't have documentation proving that either

  1. you've had measles, mumps, or rubella, and are therefore immune; or
  2. you've had two previous doses of the MMR vaccine,

... you'll need to take the combined test for MMR immunity.

The tests listed below test for immunity to the disease named.

Hepatitis B: $20

MMR: $65

If you don't have immunity documentation, the following three tests are needed to prove immunity to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR). Cost is $65 for all 3 tests; individual prices listed below.

Rubella: $20

Rubeola (measles): $30

Mumps: $30

Varicella (chicken pox): $30
This vaccine is only required for nursing students.

Again, there is a one-time $5.00 charge for drawing the blood in addition to the price of the test. Price listed is available to OCU students, staff and faculty only. No physician order is needed.

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